List Of ES Dept Courses for Jan-April 2015


Engineering Science 2014 Batch (Fractal)

Introduction to Programming 1BE
Introduction to Programming (lab)1BE
Electrical (Digital systems)1BE
Electric and magnetic circuits1BE
Semiconductor Fundamentals1BE
Physics (elective)1BS
Electrical Lab2BE
Independent Project1BE
Calculus-I 1BS
Calculus-II 2BS
Intro. Classical Physics1BS
Physics Lab2BS
Vector Calculus 1BS
Linear Algebra1BS
Differential Equations 1BS
EM & Maxwells eqn1BS
Chemistry (?)1BS
Life Sciences (?)1BS
Statistics (?... Currently not offered)1BS
Physics (elective)2BS
Complex Variables1BS
Chemistry (?)1BS
Elective Project / CoreElective3DE
Core-Electives (total 9 for 7 & 8 sems)9DE
Fabrication Lab (Workshop) - 12DL
Engineering Drawing2DL
Fabrication Lab (Workshop) - 22DL
Digital Fabrication 2DL
Solid Mechanics Lab1DL
Fluid Mechanics Lab1DL
Manufacturing Lab1DL
IC Engines Lab1DL
Dynamics lab1DL
Heat Transfer lab1DL
Dynamics (1210/2)2DTa
Fluid Mechanics - II (ID2030/2)1.5DTa
Solid Mechanics - II (2110/2)2DTa
Thermodynamics - II (2120/2)1.5DTa
Manufacturing Science -II (2230/2)2DTa
Kinematics & Dynamics of Machinery (2220)4DTa
Manufacturing Science - III (2230/3)2DTa
IC Engines - II (3140/2)3DTa
Design of Machine Elements (3130)4DTa
Heat & Mass transfer (3110)3DTa
Modeling & Simulation (4120)3DTa
Machine Drawing & Solid Modelling (3413)2DTa
Controls (3210/2)1.5DTa
Turbo Machines (3230)3DTa
Engineering Statics (1210/1)2DTi
Fluid Mechanics (ID2030/1)2DTi
Manufacturing Processes-I (2230/1)1DTi
Solid Mechanics - I (2110/1)2DTi
Thermodynamics - I (2120/1)1.5DTi
Material Science (MS5060)2DTi
IC Engines - I (3140/1)1DTi
Intrumentation (3210/1)1.5DTi
Introduction to Mathematical Modelling1.5DTi
Geometric Modeling (4110/1)1.5DTi
Computer Aided Manufacturing (4110/2)1.5DTi
Experimental Testing Techniques 1DTi
Mini-project 3DTi
Operations Research (3220/1)1DTi
Industrial Engineering (3220/2)1DTi
Production Planning & Control (3220/3)1DTi
Free Electives (total 3 for 3 & 4 sems)3FE
Free Electives (total 3 for 5 & 6 sems)3FE
Free Electives (total 4 for 7 & 8 sems)4FE
Liberal & Creative Arts Electives2LA
Liberal & Creative Arts Electives2LA
Liberal & Creative Arts Electives2LA
Liberal & Creative Arts Electives2LA
Liberal & Creative Arts Electives2LA
Liberal & Creative Arts Electives2LA
Liberal & Creative Arts Electives2LA
Liberal & Creative Arts (Professional Ethics)2LA
 Old SystemFractal System
BSBasic Sciences3020
BEBasic Engineering118
DTi Department Theory (Basic Level)6224.5
DTa Department Theory (Advanced Level) 34.5
DEDepartment electives915
DLDepartment laboratory1416
LALiberal arts electives1416
FEFree electives610


Engineering Science 2013 and 2012 (Non-Fractal)

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
PH1010Physics I 3
CY1010Environmental Chemistry3
MA1010Maths I4
ID1011Concepts in Engineering Design3
ID1021Engineering Practice4
ID1035Independent Project1
PH1031Physics Lab 2
CY1031Chemistry Lab 2
PH1020Physics II3
CY1020Dynamics of Chemical Systems3
MA1020Maths II3
BO1020Concepts in Life Sciences3
ID1061Computational Engineering3
ME1210Engineering Mechanics4
ID1071Mechanical Workshop2
ME1121Engineering Graphics2
MA2010Maths III 3
LA2xx0Liberal Arts Elective 13
MS1047Properties of Materials1
CS2010Data Structures and Algorithms3
CS2011Data Structures & Programming Lab2
ID2030Fluid Mechanics and Rate processes4
ME2110Mechanics of Solids4
EE1110Boolean Algebra1
EE2110Digital System1
LA2xx0Liberal Arts Elective 23
EE2010Electrical & Magnetic Circuits 3
ME2411ME Lab I (Fluid & Solid Mechanics)2
EE2020"Microprocessors and Computer Organization"3
EE1300Digital Signal Processing1
ES2125Project 1/Mini-project2
EE1170Embedded Programming1
T Department Specific Courses(including Core Compulsory, Core Elective and Free Electives) same as that of the chosen specialisation 54
LA4xx0Liberal Arts Elective 33
xx4xx0 Professional Ethics 2
LA4xx0Liberal Arts Elective 43
 Type of CoursesCredits
CIC"Common Institute Courses (including LA & Free Electives)"54
ESCEngineering Sciences Courses 39
 Core Department49



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