Few of the projects undertaken by our students


Digital Fabrication Project

All Individuals of ES 2014 Batch
Description :
Students demonstrated their fabrication skills printed using the Fabrication Machine at our laboratory


Smart Irrigation

Vibhas(ES14BTECH11021), Safwan(ES14BTECH11017)
Description :
Helps the farmer in regulating the irrigation processs of their farms using wireless communication systems.




Sai Niranjan Reddy(ES14BTECH11011), Karthik Yadav(ES14BTECH11009), Gayam Trishal(ES14BTECH11007)
Description :
Finder is a device that helps people track theirbelongings. It a small device thatcan be attached to your keys or put in your wallet or bag. There are three features of our device :
1. If you are unable to find your keys in your house or in your office, all you have to do is go to "Finder App" on your mobile and press on 'Find' option.
2. If you lost your keys in a huge place(like a playground), press the 'Scan' option in the app and move through the playground. If the device comes within the range of your phone bluetooth signal, then it gives out a sound.
3. If you are travelling in a train and if you put the device in your bag, by turning on the "Track" option, then if anyone tries to steal your bag and he/she moves out of range then, the device in bag starts beeping and also your phone will start to ring.


Catalytic Reactors

Tushar Aggarwal - ES12B1021
Description :
Design and simulation of a Plug Flow Catalytic Reactor under isothermal and non-isothermal conditions for a stoichiometric mixture and studying the effects on conversion and temperature along the length of the PFR in variation to various parameters – Surface Site Concentration Dimensionless Rate Constant Inlet Temperature Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient Reactor Wall Temperature


Smart Irrigation

Smart irrigation system

Tharun Raj Soma,Vamsi Ratna Reddy,Kartik Datrika,Ashruth
Description :
Farmers don`t need any experts to know about their field now and by using this equipment they can findout pH,moisture content,temperature and other soil properties on their own.


escort Robot

Escort Robot

Siddharth Mishra, Sambit Rath, Abhinav Gupta, Raaghav Ravishankar, Divya Spoorthy
Guides a user to his desired location given a map of the place using wireless communication.

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