B.Tech. in Engineering Science at IIT Hyderabad is a unique program being offered for the first time in India. It opens the doors to different specializations and provides a holistic engineering education. The basic structure is as follows: for the first 2 years (4 semesters) the student does basic courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and different fields of engineering. In the last 2 years (4 semesters) the student then specializes in any field of his / her choice -- specialization is completely open: It could be any branch of engineering -- BioTech, Biomed, Chemical, Civil, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Material Science, -- Chemistry, Design, Economics, Mathematics, Physics or Psychology, etc. Note, however, that the number of students moving into a particular branch is limited to 10% of the strength of the batch.

The final degree will read: B.Tech. in Engineering Science and Specialisation in XXX.

This is the first program that caters to what is often referred to as the "T Education". The horizontal line in 'T' corresponds to an education giving breadth, while the vertical line in 'T' corresponds to an education giving depth. The new Engineering Science Program achieves breadth as well as depth.

"This program is in tune with what the industry is demanding today. They would like students to be educated with what they call as a 'T' education.."


As Engineering Science students, we believe in application of our knowledge. We love to keep ourselves engaged in various projects and ideas. The motto of the course is all round development as an engineer, but we have taken this concept to a higher level – all round development as a complete individual. The students not only excel in academics but also extra-curricular activities.