Student's Experience

Vamsichandra (ES12B1012)

I'm Vamsichandra, currently studying IV year(2016) in Engineering Science department (specialization in Mechanical). I would like to start my experience from the days of my JEE. Like most of the students, I was confused which branch to choose after my JEE. I consulted my elder cousins, some of the IIT graduates and yet it didn't help me to choose between Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science. Knowing the risk that I never had introduction to any programming platform, I almost convinced myself that CSE would be a better option by following the trend. Then I came to know about E.S, I really liked the idea of T-education and the option of choosing the branch after we are introduced to major courses of all the branches. Of course I was skeptical initially because this of first of its kind in India, after some research I've found out that some of the foreign universities also offer this course which built my confidence on the branch. After days of brain storming I decided to choose E.S over C.S.E. First year is common to most of the students and there isn't much to talk about it. Coming to second year, I would say this was the most crucial time cause it was when I had to go through different courses from different branches. It was fun to involve yourself in many fields, also bit stressful and chaotic cause we were going through some of the most important discrete courses. Thanks to the faculty that they were always supportive in taking our feedback and constantly modifying the curriculum. After the end of second year I was sure that my interest lies in Mechanical and C.S.E is not my piece of cake. So I opted Mechanical in third year, I had to complete some of the courses that I missed out in E.S curriculum and which were essential for a mechanical degree and again faculty was constantly involved which made my path lot easier. Now I'm yet to enter my final year in E.S dept. and till now I've no regrets in choosing this branch, though the path was a bit painful. Though myself and my peers were experimented, I'm happy cause If not for E.S dept. I would be cursing myself for choosing C.S.E. Now, a lot of changes have been made to the curriculum so that the upcoming batches would suffer less. To sum it up, if you're stuck up with which branch to choose and you've multiple interests in different branches, Engineering science is perfect choice for you. I've one small suggestion to students enrolling to E.S, do not fixate your mind to a branch till the end of IV semester and make the best use of first four semesters and explore as many fields as you can before choosing the branch. All the best and farewell.

Vibhas Goyal (ES14BTECH11021)

Hi everyone, I am Vibhas, B.Tech Student in ES. During the counselling session I was confused, I felt that I had a very varied interest in fields. So I chose Eng. Sci. at IITH. A new IIT, a new start. Here the things are diff than other IITs. Everything you may desire is not served to you, you will have to earn it! I feel like my IIT is a startup. We have limited resource but nothing can stop us from growing. You get to go out and put everything you have to make yourself better. If you have a startup zeal, a hunger for success to achieve more then you are open heartedly welcome to Hyderabad for this is the place to groom yourself.

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Adarsh Pugalia (ES12B1001)

Hi, I am Adarsh Pugalia, final year Undergraduate pursuing Engineering Sciences with specialization in Computer Sciences and Engineering. Three years into the first batch of a new department in the country, but to begin with lets go back to the JEE days!

I messed up my JEE paper, but everyone does that, and if you are reading this, probably you did too! In those days, I had made up my mind for either Computer Sciences or Electrical, one because I enjoyed Computer Sciences in my intermediate and the other I enjoyed Physics during my preparation! So, that was about it, and I wanted to pursue one of those disciplines, but at my rank I was not getting into any of the 'older' IITs. I began browsing through the JEE brochure and I read about this branch. It intrigued me at the first glance itself. I gave it a thought and felt this was my best shot to pursue both my interests and get to know what I wanted to actually do. The best part of it was I could choose my field after studying them and not regret of landing at a place I didnot like. I researched a bit as this was a new course and a bit different one at that, talked to my peers, and then decided to go for it, and yes, after three years, I can say for myself that I made the right choice!

The first year is similar to all other branches, as we study the same basic science and engineering courses together. It is the second year that the real sense of the department kicks in. You get to do courses from all the departments including Computer Sciences, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical and even Material Sciences. This was the most crucial and a little tough phase. Sometimes, everything felt chaotic, sometimes it felt fun! We were experimented with, as we were the first batch. It was hectic as we had to do a lot of courses with varied disciplines, but today when I see it, it was worth.

At the end of second year, you get to choose your area of discipline which you would be pursuing for the next two years. I chose Computer Sciences, because in the two years at Engineering Science, IIT Hydearabad, I enjoyed Computer Sciences and I became sure that Electrical Engineering was not my cup of tea! I was glad that I did not make it to Electrical and chose Engineering Sciences instead, as I would have really regretted that decision otherwise. Once you choose your specialization, you are then sitting with the same bunch of people in that department, and do things the same things as they do! Yes, the competition is tough, and it takes a short time to settle, but then it becomes better, as you are finally doing what you actually like to.

My piece of advice for the freshers, who are choosing or thinking about Engineering Sciences at IIT Hyderabad would be not to be apprehensive about opportunities or facilities here. There are lots of opportunities waiting for you, until you are ready to give in your efforts. Also, from my short experience in the department and my stay at IIT Hyderabad, I would suggest to explore your interests and hobbies in the first year, delve deeper into all the branches equally in the second year and get to know what really interests you. You should be sure of your interest and the field by the end of fourth semsester, and then pursue the same for the next two years.

Wish you all the best for making the best decision! All the best, and if you have made up your mind for Engineering Sciences or IIT Hyderabad, Welcome! See you soon!
Adarsh Pugalia

Karthik Yadav (ES14BTECH11009)

Hi everyone, I am Karthik, B.Tech Student in Engineering Science. During the time of counselling I was very confused which branch to choose, I felt that I had varied interests. This made me choose Engineering Science. At first I was kinda worried about my decision of taking ES, but now after completing a year I feel this was the best decision I made. The whole point of Engineering Science is, explore as much you can for the first two years. You will get a taste of everything, we have fractal system i.e the courses get splitted up into 1 or 2 credit courses, this gives a lot of free time. We have done many core courses in branches in our first year in Electrical, Computer Science, Mechanical, Chemical and even Bio medical and many basic science courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and even Biology. We also did some courses in Liberal and Creative arts which were very awesome(Every branch have do these courses), we had lot of fun attending them and they never felt like a burden (One of them we had to make a graphic novel and also many photography courses). We also have free electives of two credits for every semester which allows us to take any course of any department, this helps a lot in exploring. We also had independent project in the first semester, which was funded by the institute to do anything without any Professor assistance, we made projects from different disciples in this we learnt a lot. Now seniors who just completed third are doing internships and many are into projects, even few first year completed students are also in internships and projects under IITH professors or the sci-tech club. Branch doesn't matter much for placements or internships or higher studies, all that matters is what you know and what you have done.

Though this branch is there only in IIT Hyderabad and that too first time in India, it has excellent future and immense history in other foreign universities. Coming to placements, we will have our first outgoing batch next year. But we have got decent amount of internships.

We have a varied course structure, and at the end of two years of descent exploring, you can choose branch of your interest and go in depth of it and continue with it in the for the next two years.